Best week in Lundheim folk high school

 Best Week        Being part of Lundheim folk high school has given me an opportunity to experience and learn many new things.On January 17 to 19 we had a program called Mini-fhs. In that time morethan 100 parents came to school to visit their children how they are doing here. That was very special week for school. We did many activities in that time we did a presentation of our organization(Stromme foundation,Sahas Nepal,Ocode), all parents got a chance to visit and know about all classes, we played many games with students and parents to get to know eathother and to build a friendship, we also did a christmas program(dancing, singing, drama etc.) for them.

Photo from visiting class

That was very different experience for me to interact with many people at once and participate in different activities but that was so interesting and enjoyable. They are so friendly  and supportive.
                 When participating in game
     Every evening, students from global class they arranged caf…

Infield course

Infield course in Hald International Center     Hald is a special kind of school offer courses about cross cultural understanding and international work. Where many students from Asia , Africa , South America and Norwegian from different programs. First seven weeks we all spend time together and attend different classes at Hald after that all International and Norwegian students spend six months internship in different countries. During intership period we have a follow-up course is called infield. All international students gather again at Hald for share our experiences about internship places, challenges and changes. We also attend different classes which is useful for our internship and life. One of the class about innovation and entrepreneurship connected to the 17 sustainable                development goals.

We have celebrated christmas in Norwegian tradition with lots of fun activities. It doesn't matter who are from different background or not. I am so happy for being part …

Handicapped people in Norway

My first expreience working with handicapped people                    All people are nice in the world eventhough they are facing many problems in     their life.They have no idea what  is going on but they all are great.I got this chance to know     about handicapped poeple in Norway. First of all, I want to share my first day working with
    them when i went to help them first time i was so nervous and scared.I was thinking
     at that time how can i help them i didn't   do this types of work before in my
    life but i prepared in my mind i have to do it.I have to grow myself out of my comfort zone.     I thought this is also opportunity to change myself not only for them. I tried my best to know them. 
Helping her for painting                 Now i knew them and they also knew me as a person who can help,play and talk with
    them it is really good to be here.They also want to make friends and to be happy. They are also
    like us. Here such a nice system for them  people b…

Learning by doing

"Learning by doing" for students attending Folk high school in Norway        A "folk high school" is a special kind of educational system.It is a type of boarding school offering the students freedom to learn different subject in a practical way.As part of being on stromme foundation exchange programme i volunteer at a folk high school called Lundhiem.Lundheim is located in the south part of Norway and is one out of many folk high schools in this country.
The different folk high schools might offer different programs.Lundheim are offering E-sport, football, cosplay, multisport, film  and photo, music, allround active, creative data, media, global and gla'mat.And here they also facilitate for handicapped to attend different activities like painting, making food, games, music etc. out of their comfort zone.

              The most important thing is that in folk high school you can develop yourself without any pressure.I have been inspired to see how students lear…